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The Hacksaw Buzz

hacksaw_ridge_posterI was at an advance screening of the movie Hacksaw Ridge last week. As a Seventh-day Adventist, it was a moment of humility and pride to realize how big an impact my faith and my church could have if both are seen in how I (Adventists) live.

With today’s premiere of the movie, the Internet is abuzz and bursting at the #HacksawRidge hashtag seams—to which I shall add my own :)

Of all I’ve read so far, this one by NPR’s Morning Edition captures best the tenacity of Desmond Doss’ faith. It’s factual, straightforward, and bold. It’s based on Terry Benedict’s  2004 documentary, The Conscientious Objector—which was one of the primary sources for the script of Hacksaw Ridge. 

Here are excerpts:

A quiet, skinny kid from Lynchburg, Va., Doss was a Seventh-day Adventist who wouldn’t touch a weapon or work on the Sabbath. He enlisted in the Army as a combat medic because he believed in the cause, but had vowed not to kill. . . .

Doss’ commanding officer, Capt. Jack Glover, tried to get him transferred. In the documentary, Glover says Doss told him, ” ‘Don’t ever doubt my courage because I will be right by your side saving life while you take life.’ ” Glover’s response: ” ‘You’re not going to be by my damn side if you don’t have a gun.’ ” . . . .

Doss saved 75 men — including his captain, Jack Glover — over a 12-hour period. The same soldiers who had shamed him now praised him. “He was one of the bravest persons alive,” Glover says in the documentary. “And then to have him end up saving my life was the irony of the whole thing.” (Read the rest here.)

The first half of the movie tugged at my heart strings. And while the violence and gore of the second had me looking away for most of it, I left in awe of a life lived in complete faith and with a conviction that can never be shaken. And since then, I raised the bar on my own faith-walk.


the best soap by far

For Christmas my daughter got me a soap from Sweet Petula. It is the best soap I’ve ever used thus far.

Here’s my checklist for super quality bathing soap. Sweet Petula met my every requirement.

Solid, chunky soap. I’m not fond of the delicate little bars of soap that slip through my fingers in the shower. I like my bar of soap to be nice and big. This fits snugly in my large hands.

Fragrance lasts to the last sliver. I hate when the soap smells wonderful when you tear open the package , but smells like nothing after a couple of uses, I love the essence of lavender, but oftentimes the lavender is bath products (eg. Yardley, Crabtree & Evelyn) have a slightly pungent fake lavender-ness. But  Sweet Petula’s lavender was like inhaling a lavender bush on a hot summer day. It was simply aromatherapeutic.

All natural ingredients. Natural oils and essences make these soaps keep your skin soft and hydrated. I don’t have a need for cream or lotion after a shower.

Creamy yet full of lather. There are lots of good quality soaps that are creamy (eg. Lush), but I like a soap with the suds of dish detergent and the creaminess of a lotion. And I both in this.

Has a long life. When you spend  $7 on a bar of soap, it’d better last you a whole month. This one does.

Sweet Petula, you get an A+ from me.