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dove real beauty sketch

This video went viral so fast that it’s old news already. But I wanted to post it anyway . . . just to salute everything about it. Everything from direction to production to the message is just fabulous. Kudos, Dove!


useful and not so useful info #2

1. Today women are the main breadwinners in 40% of US households. In 1960, it was 11 %, reports Amy Langfiled (obviously a woman).

2. Not all Harvard graduates become notables with notoriety. Go here to read the commencement address by NYPD cop and two-time Harvard graduate, Jon Murad. Best line: “Everyone changes the world. Everything ripples.”

3. Hitler and his men were Meth addicts. Except, they called it chocolate. Really.

4. Toilets are the new measurement for a man worthy of marriage. Only in India, of course.

5. Los Angeles is the world’s leading blue jeans manufacturer. A pair of AG Jeans made is LA costs about $300.

6. Commander Chris Hatfield obviously had time on his hand while manning the International Space Shuttle Station. He began taking photos of earth from way up there and tweeting it to some 790,000 followers on earth. Simply amazing. I want an autographed coffee table book, Commander Hatfield. Please.

7. A high School in Georgia had its first racially integrated prom. In 2013. Yeah, this happened in 2013 and not in 1960 something.

8. There’s a pizza maker shortage going on right now. In Italy!

9. How do you say .gif? Is it “ghif” or “jif” (like the peanut butter)? It’s the latter. Don’t have the link, but I think I heard it on NPR

10. Saved the best for last: Want to be on a reality TV? Pretty much anyone can apply for this one. Just a couple of catches, though. It’s a trip to Mars where you will stay forever. I’m not kidding. Go here to see how many have already signed up.

taking abuse over azaleas

3:10 p.m.
Husband emails this picture to kids and me. Subject line reads:
Azaleas in Front of House


3:37 p.m.–Daughter responds:
Over or under two years before Mom murders them?

3:38 p.m.–Son pipes in:
Under. For sure.

3:39 p.m.–Husband joins the harassment:
Over. Mom’s only allowed to look.

4:01 p.m.–I think to myself:
I’m too good a person to participate in this conversation. I think I’ll just calmly burn those Azalea bushes down to a crisp.

it’s hotter than?

A couple of weeks ago on an exceptionally hot spring day, I posted on Facebook: “It’s hotter than . . . (Tell me and keep it clean)”

Here are the responses I got. (Below that are my comments)


Photo by Ben Duchac

It’s hotter than . . .

  • Delhi in July–Nora
  • The president at an NRA convention–Eugene
  • Ryan Gosling–Joseph
  • Ingesting habjeneros while sunbathing in Puerto Vallerta.–Meline
  • All the forecasters’ predictions. They got it wrong AGAIN–Ricardo
  • Australia* (No, nothing could be as hot as that)–Elisabeth
  • Beach sand in August–Lyndelle
  • Mt. St. Helena when it explored.–Cathy
  • The rack my hand hits inside the oven every time I think I can cook–Nicole (Richey)**
  • Can I say hell?***–Grace
  • Thailand*–Alvina
  • Right now (after being hot this afternoon, it’s cold and windy)–Beverly
  • Satan in a sauna–Don
  • An elevator--Mini
  • Roy****--Elisabeth
  • Chillies–Sheri
  • My boney-ass ugly neighbor. (Ohh … not ugly at all (nor boney). Sorry. It sounded okay inside my head)–Balu
* They live there
** I really know her–the Nicole Richey
*** Obviously she just said it :)
**** She’s obviously met Roy, my husband

useful and not so useful info (april 2013)

1. Most people in the U.S. think Walmart’s the place to spot a hottie. Not kidding, says Craigslist.

2. There are two other worlds out there–way out there–in another constellation that could be habitable. Good to know I  have options.

3. Open Culture is a cool place for free stuff–free online courses, free books, free movies, Free, free, free. I’m Indian. I love free.

4. The second largest coffee producer is Vietnam. Who’d have thunk, huh? The first is, of course, Brazil. And get this: Most high-end coffee producers drink instant coffee. Ha!

5. Making it cheap, making the consumer do all the work brings in huge profits. Weird. That’s the Ikea Effect.

6. If you are an Irish ski instructor who slices a mean cut of meat, you have a pretty good chance of legally immigrating to the U.S. (Check out Sarah Gardner’s report on how senators are padding the proposed immigration bill.)

7. Prejudice–it might be more about what you favor than what you despise. Here’s NPR’s interview with the author. Can’t wait to read Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People.

Yeah, I’m an NPR junkie–make that hipster :)