useful and not so useful info #2

1. Today women are the main breadwinners in 40% of US households. In 1960, it was 11 %, reports Amy Langfiled (obviously a woman).

2. Not all Harvard graduates become notables with notoriety. Go here to read the commencement address by NYPD cop and two-time Harvard graduate, Jon Murad. Best line: “Everyone changes the world. Everything ripples.”

3. Hitler and his men were Meth addicts. Except, they called it chocolate. Really.

4. Toilets are the new measurement for a man worthy of marriage. Only in India, of course.

5. Los Angeles is the world’s leading blue jeans manufacturer. A pair of AG Jeans made is LA costs about $300.

6. Commander Chris Hatfield obviously had time on his hand while manning the International Space Shuttle Station. He began taking photos of earth from way up there and tweeting it to some 790,000 followers on earth. Simply amazing. I want an autographed coffee table book, Commander Hatfield. Please.

7. A high School in Georgia had its first racially integrated prom. In 2013. Yeah, this happened in 2013 and not in 1960 something.

8. There’s a pizza maker shortage going on right now. In Italy!

9. How do you say .gif? Is it “ghif” or “jif” (like the peanut butter)? It’s the latter. Don’t have the link, but I think I heard it on NPR

10. Saved the best for last: Want to be on a reality TV? Pretty much anyone can apply for this one. Just a couple of catches, though. It’s a trip to Mars where you will stay forever. I’m not kidding. Go here to see how many have already signed up.


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