useful and not so useful info (april 2013)

1. Most people in the U.S. think Walmart’s the place to spot a hottie. Not kidding, says Craigslist.

2. There are two other worlds out there–way out there–in another constellation that could be habitable. Good to know I  have options.

3. Open Culture is a cool place for free stuff–free online courses, free books, free movies, Free, free, free. I’m Indian. I love free.

4. The second largest coffee producer is Vietnam. Who’d have thunk, huh? The first is, of course, Brazil. And get this: Most high-end coffee producers drink instant coffee. Ha!

5. Making it cheap, making the consumer do all the work brings in huge profits. Weird. That’s the Ikea Effect.

6. If you are an Irish ski instructor who slices a mean cut of meat, you have a pretty good chance of legally immigrating to the U.S. (Check out Sarah Gardner’s report on how senators are padding the proposed immigration bill.)

7. Prejudice–it might be more about what you favor than what you despise. Here’s NPR’s interview with the author. Can’t wait to read Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People.

Yeah, I’m an NPR junkie–make that hipster :)



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