Beijing Lockdown


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012. The Chinese capital Beijing has begun preparations for the five-yearly Communist Party Congress, beginning on Thursday, that will unveil the country’s new set of leaders. The week-long event begins on November 8 because the number is considered to be auspicious. The same date saw the ascension to power of President Hu Jintao in 2002. Among the measures being undertaken by authorities are strict checks on visitors to Tiananmen Square and a fresh supply of fire extinguishers to douse any self-immolators. Objects banned from the site during the congress include fruit knives, for security reasons, as well as balloons, ping-pong balls, toy planes and helicopters, which could all potentially carry subversive slogans. Similar instructions have been given to pigeon owners, ordered to secure their birds, and residents on the square’s north side, who have been told to lock their windows. Prostitutes and migrant workers have also been made to leave Beijing before Thursday. (Source:


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  1. But the country is slowly relaxing it’s grip on citizens and the vast majority of Chinese are proud of their government and its achievements. They are well on their way to joining the most advanced nations at the top of economic powers of the world.

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