resolutions 2012

In 2011 I resolved to blog every day–DONE! Besides this blog, I created two other blogs to help me reach my goal: and 

My second resolve was to self-publish a book–DONE! The book is Alabaster Jars and 100% of the proceeds will help women in developing countries how to read through Interra Foundation. Support this project with the bonus advantage of showing me your love :) by buying the book. It’s available both as a hard copy as well as a Kindle ebook.

My third goal was to exercise at least 20 minutes a week–MAJOR FAIL! So to begin 2012, I shall put this one at the top of my list. Added to that are, in order of importance:

1. Complete Vol 2 of Alabaster Jars. (Like Vol 1, this one will also be a compilation of writers. So, if you’d like to be a contributor, check out the guidelines here and send in your submission quickly!)

2. Begin a novel at the rate of 700 words a week (I think I need baby steps in this genre)

3. Find an illustrator who will partner with me to finish my storybook for children.


2 thoughts on “resolutions 2012

    • Ian,

      Jondell suggested that Gina may be interested in illustrating a book. You think? I’d love to get in touch with her if she’d be interested.


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