covenant study 04: intimacy

Doctors see many patients a day. The difference between the extraordinary doctor and the average doctor is not just in the skill, but in the ability to remember names and faces rather than medical problems. Rather than remember the gout, the extraordinary doctor remembers the woman anxious to be well again so that she may tend to her newborn baby. Rather than remember the broken bone, he remembers the man worried about losing his job. Names and people, that’s what Jesus was about.

Thought Questions:

  1. Pages and pages of the Bible are filled with just names and connections. It was a society that took names seriously. In that light, explain the psychological and spiritual implications of God changing Abram’s name to Abraham. Why did God go to great lengths in explaining the significance of His name? What difference did it make to His partners in the covenant relationship?
  2. In biblical times, with the change of a name often came a change in status. How can you apply this to what happens when you are born again? In what way does this change your status in front of God’s throne?
  3. Where we stand in God’s holy presence depends on our relationship with Him—on how intimately we know each other. God’s promises are His gestures of intimacy. What should be our response to Him?

Application Questions:

  1. As Abraham traveled through strange and distant lands, his covenant with God was a source of encouragement and companionship. How so are God’s promises today? Share with the class your favorite promise and a time when that promise made the difference between success and failure in your spiritual growth.
  2. The Bible gives Jesus many titles. How do you identify yourself with Him? Pick a title that is most meaningful to you. Write down 10 reasons why you relate to that particular title of Christ. Share your reasons with the rest of the class as a witness of what Jesus means to you.
  3. How do you feel about Jesus knowing you intimately? He does not just know your name; He knows your every thought and even keeps track of every hair that you lose or that turns gray. Does this make you feel uncomfortable or secure? Explain. If there were one thing you could hide from Him, what would it be? Why?


  1. This is very interesting and I definitely plan to use this concept when I’m teaching.

    1.My favorite promise is I think one of the most well known promised of God: I will never leave you nor forsake you. This promise touches my heart deeply. Every person that has been responsible for my well being has betrayed me in one way or another to extreme extents. This promise reminds me that God will never betray me, never leave me, never forsake me. He is the only one I can count on, and this is proven fact over and over in my life continually. If I had relied on one single person, the devil would have found ground to invade my purpose and destroy me from the inside out. This is why this promise is extremely important and tried true to Jesus.

    2.My favorite name for Our Father is Father and Abba, Elohim when I am distressed, it really depends on the environment and situation how I refer to Him. Teacher is the deepest meaning to my heart in prayer.
    a. I’m asking Him to guide me.
    b. I’m acknowledges His superiority in my life
    c. I’m relying on Him to teach me so I can teach others.
    d. I am acknowledging I don’t know the answer to Him.
    e. I am acknowledging that He does everything even before it is asked.
    f. I am telling Jesus that above all things, He is the master of knowledge.
    g. I am telling He is trustworthy in my life.
    h. Proving that by asking I know He is listening and will answer the situation.
    i. I am acknowledging that I want to learn His ways.
    k. I am acknowledging that I love His ways and eagerly wait His response.

    3. I rely on Christ knowing me much better than I know myself. People are sinners and we cannot be trusted even to our own thoughts at times. I rely on Christ to correct and point out my faults that I can quickly correct them and not become a servant of the lower creatures of the universe. It helps me feel completely secure when I know He is near and truth is, He is near all the time yet I block Him out sometimes. This is what I would hide from Him if I could. I would hide the times that I block Him out for my own selfish reasons. He never blocks us out and is always there for us, especially in times of distress. This is my guilt to Him from my heart.

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