covenant study 03: faithfulness

One of the finest men that lived in ancient Athens was Aristides. He was just, kind, fair, and everything that a great man would want to be. Yet the majority voted to banish him from the city. Why? One person who gave his opinion, which reflected that of others: “Because I am tired of hearing Aristides called ‘the just.’” Aristides’ crime was that he was so good that he emphasized the “badness” of others.

Thought Questions:

  1. Like Aristides, had it not been for the “goodness” of Noah, we would never realize just how bad this world was before the flood. Like Noah, being good, reflecting Christ, has its price. Think of the price you have to pay to be a true Christian in today’s world. Do we, like Aristides and Noah, have what it takes to be tolerant of the negative treatment we may receive? How so?
  2. Romans 12:2 urges us not to be conformed to the world but be transformed from it. Noah is a classic example of how this can indeed be done. From his life, what can we learn that will enable us to keep away from the dangerous sin of conformity? Do you think that God expects us to be like Noah and be concerned about the souls of others? Explain in the context of today’s challenges to witness.

Application Questions:

  1. During the entire time that Noah prepared for the flood, the weather was calm. There was no sign of an approaching storm. The skies were the clearest they had ever been. Yet, Noah never stopped, never took a vacation from his task of building the ark. Why? Because he took God at His word. Compare Noah’s experience to yours. You have heard of the Second Coming for as long as you can remember. Are you waiting for the approaching dark fist of cloud before you begin to get ready? What can we do to keep our excitement level at a high? How can we be ready at all times?
  2. Had there been a hospital for the mentally ill in his time, Noah would surely have been committed by well-meaning friends. Everything he said and did spelled “lunacy!” The wisdom of God is often looked upon as foolishness by this world. As covenant players, we are subject to ridicule and accusations. How can we be prepared for such treatment? Think of at least three promises from the Bible that you can claim at such times of trial.


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