covenant study 01: brokenness

A Jewish legend claims that in the Garden of Eden, Satan executed an elaborate plan that led to Eve’s fall. The plan did not stop with the fruit and disobedience. The legend has it that Satan seduced Eve. The seduction resulted in a permanent break with the Creator and the birth of Cain—the union of Eve and the Devil.

Thought Questions:

  1. Although biblically inaccurate, the legend lends a graphic picture of what happens when man breaks his covenant relationship with God. We are all products of that initial flirtation with the enemy. How can we as descendants of this union regain our rightful place as sons and daughters of God? How does being created in God’s image arm us against the enemy?
  2. As a result of the disobedience in Eden, we have been handicapped in the effective participation of the covenant. But Jesus came to recreate us with renewed power. If disobedience handicapped us, then how can the power of the cross enable us to regain our intimate relationship with God?
  3. Our Creator God took extra time in creating man. He took special care to turn that moment of creation into an extraordinary feat. Why do you think He made it an event that would be talked about, marveled at, and debated throughout eternity? He took great care to make our entrance into this world a special one. Compare this with the preparations expectant parents make for their first-born. In what ways do the similarities help you understand God’s immense love for you?

Application Questions:

  1. If Jesus can indeed re-create us, then must we not be able to emulate divinity? As “new creatures” how does this special access to God’s power make a difference in our spiritual growth? In our understanding of God’s sovereign plan for us?
  2. Being all-knowing, God was well aware of the “risk” in creating man in His own image. Imagine His heavy heart when he had to resort to “Plan B—Death of Only Son.” What does His pre-determined, unconditional plan of salvation mean to you when you step out of the boundaries of your relationship with Him? How similar are your diversions and temptations to that of Adam and Eve?
  3. During the three years that Jesus’ ministered on earth, he touched and healed many who believed. His touch was a glimpse of His creative power. Before He left, He promised that we would continue to have access to His creative power (John 14:12-14). Is this promise figurative or literal? Explain. How can this promise make a difference in your every day life?

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