beware of random texting

This really happened to me today:

RANDOM PERSON: Who is this?

ME: Who are you? And where did you get my number?

RANDOM PERSON: Josh and it was just randomly in my phone i think previous owner had my phone

ME: Oh, okay:)

[I thought that was the end  of it. But a few minutes later….]

RANDOM PERSON: Lol Ya u a male or female and how old ha Ha? Maybe we can still talk if u want:)

ME: You really don’t want to be talking to an older woman who could be a total psycho!

RANDOM PERSON: Lol Ya but i don’t think u r:) besides i just wanna talk ha Ha. So how old r ya? And ur a female lol so can i get a pic of u and ill send one back

ME: Kid, I am too busy oiling my walker to chat with you. Venture into the real world and find yourself a girl. I will be rooting for you;)

RANDOM PERSON: Lol i do sorta, but im bored so like i decided to text someone new

ME: Well, you took care of your boredom and I found material for my blog, Josh.

RANDOM PERSON: Lol O well guess u don’t wanna talk?

[minutes go by}


[Several more minutes go by]

RANDOM PERSON: Unless u do?

ME: Peace right back at you! I am going to pass on the talk, though.


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