a study on discipleship

Key Text: John 15:8

1. Know: Discipleship is a lifelong reflection of Jesus.
2. Feel: The Holy Spirit guide you through your journey of discipleship.
3. Do: Persevere through the sufferings that come with a life devoted to Christ.

Lesson Outline:

I. The Work of a Disciple (Matthew 28:19)
A. Matthew 28:19 is often referred to as the great commission. Here Jesus gives his disciples their most important task, to make more disciples in His name. What do you see as your role in the great commission?

B. Spreading the gospel is an important part of discipleship. But the apostles did much more than that. Their ministry spread to many other areas. How is discipleship more than just conversion, baptism and adding to the church?

II. The Guide of a Disciple (Acts 1:8)
A. Before He ascended to heaven, Jesus promised that he would send The Holy Spirit. The Spirit guides us as disciples. How have you been affected by The Spirit in your life?

III. The Motivation of a Disciple (Romans 8:17,18)
A. Paul, a great example of discipleship, acknowledges the suffering associated with following Christ. However, he also says the suffering we endure now cannot compare to the glory that we will have later. What convicts you to be a disciple of Christ?

A disciple’s life is filled with the presence of God. It is a life-long devotion. Make this commitment and honor it regardless of trials.


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