pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow sort of incident

On our meanderings off the paved and onto the gravel roads, we discovered many things today–some beautiful, others odd; some interesting, others plain hilarious! And as long as these things were visible to us from inside of the car or no more than 50 feet from the car, we were game.

But then, at one stop, Roy suddenly slipped out of his Baltimore shell and went all Northwestern on me. He insisted that I walk down a dusty, windy trail. Walk? Me?

This is Roy refusing to budge until I join him on this adventure into nature.

You wouldn’t recognize a picture of me saying no (I’d have the don’t-you-dare, I’ll-turn-you-into-a-toad Endora look.)

Roy simply would not accept my no. So rather than ruin a nice day with my incredible power to have my way, I set out–yes, walking–on the trail with him. And I am glad I did.  (Not so glad that I had to walk back uphill to get to the car).

This was my pot-of-gold at the end of the dusty path.

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–September 29, 2011


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