good things come to those who wait (and are cheap)

When we moved back to the US in 2006, we rented a semi-furnished home for a few months while looking for a place to buy. Garage sales and flea markets helped me outfit my kitchen. My best finds were a microwave for five dollars and a set of cookware for another five dollars. All were far from new, but they were good enough. The microwave finally died a couple of years ago, and the set of dishes were way beyond dead. The non stick was non existent, the handles shaky. I even found a rivet in my rice one day.

So, I’ve needed a new set of dishes for a very long time. But I’m cheap. So I’ve waited while searching. And today I finally found a great deal.

I got all of these for $135.96

This Chef’s pan was the best deal.

I made some potato and corn chowder in it to celebrate.

Total savings: $324.02. Cha-ching!!

And, Mr. Kitty approves.


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